Our infrastructure is an exotic zone; get there, inspired and marvel at our fascinated sailing...

A place to work

A place to work

Being the adventurers we are everywhere and in all the directions with the search of something new and something better. We bring the best for you. We create the best for you. Its we who take care of your needs and demands.

Ready for a crafted & ultimate experience? Let's get started...

We like working without disturbances and therefore we own a 1500 sq.ft office in SIDCO Electronics Complex, Guindy. Our working place is far from the disturbances like road traffics and noises etc. Its the place where we contemplate at your problems and  concentrate at your demands  and do our level best to satisfy you.
We're night owls

We have the best team of highly qualified and highly talented explorers. Our primary focus is on quality rather than quantity. We believe in giving our best.

We're adventurers

We operate from 30 workstations with high-end config. These workstations from where our skilled explorers work and leave no stone unturned to carry out your demands.

We're skillfull

We are determined in our work and we possesses the great serenity also. Its our prime motto to provide the best thing to our customers with all facilities.

We're meticulous

We believe in originality and accuracy. We became the authorized Microsoft Bizspark Member and along with that we are part of Adobe VIP Subscription

We work without delay

We give you the surety of good work followed at a  proper time. We understands the value of time and bother about  your valuable time too. If we take any task in our hands we try our level best to finish that task in a given period. For this purpose we use 4 MBPS 1:1 enterprise hi-speed dedicated internet lease line and along with that  20 KVA ups backup to  assure that your data is equally important to both of us

We love working for you and serving you with our best...

We always care for you and for your expectations. We hold your data properly and we pay the enough attention to preserve it. We have our exclusive data centers located in India, US, Netherlands, Singapore, Australia, Germany and so on. Thus we assure you the security and uptime of your data when you are working with us.

Your passion is our dream

Although things are changing pretty fast you’re always in safe hands here

Apart from business relationship, we also care for  human trust and faith. We work in order to develop the person to person trust. For us, your smile is of utmost importance and its our prime duty to maintain your smile and to provide you with the extreme satisfaction. We work continuously to provide you with the best and to serve you in more better way than what you have expected from us. We try our best to make you feel special.

Your smile is our first priority

If you’d like to go on a journey with us why not come and say namaste@ehost24x7.in 

We have our own way to make you realize your importance. We pay our attention and listen to you. We ask you about your interest and your expectations from us. We  provide you with our team member to help you out in our customer desk,  here you can meet us and can express youself, you can tell about your plans and the problems that you think you may face in executing those plans and our experts will guide you with the proper guidance. You can meet our explorers here.


Your vision is our prosperity

We equate People + Passion + Participation = Productivity; which we follow for ever

Apart from the customer desk, we also furnish you with a Conference Room to make you feel exceptional. Here, you can ask your doubts more deliberately. This Conference Room is highly equipped and contains almost all kind of luxuries. We provide you the demonstration of our work on a projector screen before handling it over to you. Thus, its our prime duty make you feel happy and satisfied; because we value your brand and business.


Behind the websites... We are always there. Once you are coming up to us we make sure that you will find us best among all the service providers in the industry

In today's fast moving world a number of fraud business solutions and service providers exist around. We don’t have a fake appearance. If once the commitment is done from our side then we don't take any back step. We do as we say. We take proper care of your problems and have respect for your thoughts.

We are ISO 9001:2008 Certified Organization. Our entire process has been standardized and approved by ISO and from ISO we are recognized by IAF and JAS-ANZ (The pact in between Australia and New Zealand giving birth to the Governing Board, Technical Advisory Council and Accreditation Review Board of the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand).

Let’s meet up

 We are for you... Everytime... Everywhere...

What marvels the hub?. For your convenience we are going to furnish you with  Customer Desk in your area or the area near-by you. This customer desk will be in the form of Hub. Registered customers in ehost24x7 will have access to hub.

Here, you can meet up our explorers and can share what you want from them. You can call for our services and can even link up from there. You can remain in touch with us from the Hub of your area and can call up for the status of the work that is going. We will be lucky to be with you all the time.