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It was great getting our hands dirty working with triumph and grandeur which showcases our journey so far travelled  as we stand unique in imagining the unimaginable artistic works thereby inspiring our clients where we worked arduous to make it.. 

Our timeline

Sep 2009

We started right here..

We embarked with a big bang under the banner tekexplore and started out website design and development and delivered many projects successfully till date and our travel goes on…
Dec 2009

Then we geared up

Following website design and development we proceeded with e-commerce Implementations, Software Development and so on which represented us more..
Jan 2010

We sharpened our tools

We are glad to move into 2d and 3d animation which was a catching area of development. It was really a joy to sketch out those works with vitality.
March 2010

We played with words

Besides development we laid out into SEO & Meta data extraction which was extraordinary and splendid.
April 2010

We were spread out

We were Sourced up with projects globally from USA, UK, Singapore, Brunei, Canada, Australia and so on…, but we gradually reduced, as our goal is to target only Indian Companies.
Aug 2010

We were crafted on

Then with a blow up we were into Architectural walk-through and Interior Modelling and this field was amazing and we were over the top as we enjoyed the work we did.
Dec 2010

We were into formation

Later on we rendered our services in presenting e-commerce solutions to large scale by providing reporting and analytic services.
Jan 2011

Learnt with different people

With a jump off we started our own e-commerce service where we had different user experiences.
July 2011

We were into exploration

Then we began Printing solutions and we were upgraded into different shapes out.
Aug 2011

Inspired to be different

We came out with Corporate Gifting and Branding where we decided to depict something different.
Oct 2011

Our growth advanced on

We initiated our Event management solutions – the spinach where its wonders await inside.
Jan 2012

We are together invariably

That’s why we are right here...We took up ehost24x7 which was a majestic began and we were excited about it’s features.On-line Mega News PortalOn-line Gaming MagazineOn-line Shopping PortalOn-line Learning Hub Hosting and Domain Management Hub

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Our key difference

Our key difference

Prasanna Kumar T E K

CEO, Founder

Hi i will be glad to interact with you as I like to go fast, get big air, meet new people, dash me via ceo@ehost24x7.com and will ping quickly for all sorts of queries.

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