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What's webhosting?

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Web hosting is a facility that enables you to display your website on the internet. Through the web hosting service provider you can buy or rent a space on the Internet servers where you can store your website's content.

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Web hosting package provides a number of hosting plans. This means that you get much more storage space, so you can add as much images, videos, information, text or other content as you need to add.

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Web hosting was very simple and easy in the beginning but it has now become more expanded and more diverse. It has many different various solutions and packages that one need to master it to make exceptionally good use of it. The birth of audio-visual applications and the development of technology has added great freedom of entertainment to web hosting world. Web hosting is satisfying to the whole world today.

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What is Web Hosting? Why it is needed?

Are you new to the world of internet…? Confused with the term web hosting…? We are the bridge between you and your customers…. The process of making your website approachable to your customers via World Wide Web is termed as Web Hosting. We apply our best efforts in making your website available to the users. For this purpose your website should be connected to the internet server, where we provide you with our different nodes of high-end servers throughout 24x7. 

ehost24x7 puts up a  data center,
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What is a data center?

A data centre is a dedicated space used for storage systems this would be the servers, storage equipment that run application software, process, store data and content. ehost24x7 furnishes you with a data center with a 100mbps enterprise line which is the primary backbone. The data center is thoroughly fastened with excellent joining’s and a roomy data floor area. The data center's infrastructure has been carefully planned to facilitate growth with available autonomous  A+B- power supplies, dual generator sets, and backup battery UPS to provide assured continuous power delivery to our customers.

Wanna place in our data center? Let us know! If you think we could make something great together why not come and say  namaste@ehost24x7.in